Post Date: 01 May, 2021

40 years of Chasme Buddoor ( 1st May, 2021) (Event)

Chasme Buddoor is an exquisite cinematic experience in itself. Released in the early 80s the film is timeless and one of the finest of them all.

Its maker, Sai Paranjpye's handling of the whole theme and her modus operandi of portraying the characters has made the movie stand out and hence it has been 4 decades since the film released but it still makes people smile, giggle and even roll down with laughter at times.

Yesterday on the occasion of celebrating 40 years of this superb masterpiece, Sai Paranjpye, in the presence of Naseeruddin Shah (FTII Acting Alumnus), Rakesh Bedi (FTII Acting Alumnus), Sriram Raghavan (FTII Direction Alumnus), and Virendra Saini (FTII Motion Picture Photography Alumnus) took us down the memory lane and gave us a sneak peek of many things that went into the making.